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HOMNTEC Windows & Door Company, founded in 2001. It is the first brand enterprise in China to focus on the R&D and manufacturing of high-end door and window systems. The production base covers an area of 120,000 square meters. It is one of the largest aluminum-clad wood doors and windows industry bases in China, with an annual production capacity of 450,000 square meters of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows.

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We put customers’ needs first and do our best to design doors and windows that meet customers’ preferences.


Residential Design

HOMNTEC has a wealth of experience in designing windows and doors for residential homes.

Restaurant Design

Fine doors and windows can greatly enhance the sense of ambiance of the restaurant and attract customers.

Corporate Design

HOMNTEC's windows and doors are also suitable for offices, where bright windows can enhance employees' office productivity.

Commercial Design

HOMNTEC's design team has extensive experience in designing doors and windows to match the style of the environment.

Industrial Design

Industrial window and door design is an area in which HOMNTEC specializes. We have many years of design experience.

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HOMNTEC is the first brand enterprise in China to focus on the R&D and manufacturing of high-end door and window systems. The production base covers an area of 120,000 square meters. It is one of the largest aluminum-clad wood doors and windows industry bases in China, with an annual production capacity of 450,000 square meters of aluminum-clad wood doors and windows. After 22 years of industrial precipitation and technology accumulation, our company has introduced German processing technology and design concepts, and reached strategic cooperation with German R&D and design institutions. Integrate orientalist aesthetics into product design to create a customized product system for doors and windows that meets high-level Global users.

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How We work

As a professional manufacturer of custom windows and doors, we have a perfect service process.




We will determine our design concept according to the customer's decoration style to ensure that the designed windows and doors fit the environment.



The designer will design the doors and windows according to the determined design concept. After confirming the design with the customer, we will hand over the design to the factory for production.



Our factory will start scheduling production after we get the design. As the largest industrial base of aluminum clad wood doors and windows in China, we will finish the production very quickly.


As a window and door design manufacturer with 22 years of experience in the industry, we have a large number of customer endorsements.


Exquisite windows and doors are like the eyes of a person, and HOMNTEC's windows and doors have made a difference to my house.

Albert Junior Designer

I like my job, but I'm not happy with my office. After HOMNTEC helped me redesign a set of doors and windows. My office has changed a lot.

Clara Jepsen CEO

My restaurant business is very flat, through the advice of friends, I redecorated the restaurant. The windows and doors chose HOMNTEC, and the windows and doors turned out great! Now my business is starting to pick up.

Steven Chaw Manager

As a manager, I need to keep my employees in top form while they are working. A bright working environment is necessary, and HOMNTEC's windows and doors solve this problem for me.

Jonathan Doe Manager

    Our News

    As a window and door design manufacturer who enjoys communicating with customers, I would like to share the dynamics of windows and doors with you.



    Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel

    Project Name: Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel Project area: 360,000 square meters Project location: Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou Project Development: Guangzhou Chimelong Group Co., Ltd. Project Design: Phase 1: Jointly signed by Canada WHITE WATER & Canada FORREC Phase II: Beijing Oriental Huatai Architectural Design Company & Guangzhou Jimei Group Interior Design Company Cooperation content: Hongmingtai wood-aluminum composite products Cooperation area: 16000㎡ Founded in 1989, Guangzhou Chimelong Group integrates the operation of theme parks, luxury hotels, business exhibitions, high-end catering, entertainment and leisure. It is a large-scale high-quality enterprise group in my country’s tourism industry and a world-class large-scale comprehensive tourism enterprise. Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel is located in the bustling area of ​​Yingbin Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou. Under the cover of dense green trees, tourists step into a kingdom dedicated to selling joy: Chimelong Paradise on the left, Xiangjiang Wildlife World on the right, Chimelong in front The golf practice center is next to Guangzhou Crocodile Park, adjacent to Chimelong Water Park and Chimelong International Circus; the hotel also has the only atrium garden in China where white tigers and flamingos are stocked. As a hotel, Chimelong has guest rooms and suites that incorporate different ecological concepts. It was rated as the …

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    Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

    Project design: Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf Project location: Lanhai Road, Dongtan, Chongming, Shanghai Project Type: Group Villa Cooperation content: Exclusive customization of high-end aluminum clad wood doors and windows Product area: Phase I 20,000㎡, Phase II 15,000㎡ Project style: Tuscany style, Mediterranean style Foreword: When we talk about Beijing, we first think of the courtyards with deep courtyards. When we talk about Shenzhen, we think of skyscrapers lined with tall buildings. When it comes to Shanghai, the modern tone of Shiliyangchang, the style and heritage of villas and mansions are the best architectural language of this city. Today, Shanghai, where every inch of land and every inch of gold is constantly refreshed in breadth and height, but in addition to the high-rise buildings that penetrate into the sky, there is another kind of landmark hidden in the intersection of natural scenery and human civilization-they are unique cultural heritage ” villa”. Lanhai International Golf Villa, located in Dongtan, Chongming, the Pearl of the East China Sea, implies precisely the spiritual needs of Shanghai. The stretching coastline and the original ecological island landform have created a unique natural landscape for the life in the villa …

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    No.1 Jiyang Lake

    Project name: No.1 Jiyang Lake Project location: North side of Jiyang Lake Ecological Park, Zhangjiagang City Building type: single-family villa, duplex, townhouse, stacked Architectural Design: Portofino Architectural Design Company, Australia Landscape Design: American Yidao Landscape Design Company Property Service: Canada Colliers International Group Project development: Jiangsu Shagang Group Hongrun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Cooperation content: Hongmingtai exclusive customization of high-end aluminum-clad wood doors and windows Cooperation area: 32000㎡ Foreword: Lin Yutang once said: “The best architecture is like this. We are deep in it, but we don’t know where nature ends and art begins.” The ultimate aesthetics of architecture was explained by this literary master. Every modern metropolis will have recognized luxury housing areas. The pure high-end lifestyle has become the first choice for the wealthy class. Jiyang Lake No. 1, as the top ten million mansion in Zhangjiagang, has quietly entered the stage of history amidst more and more attention. In Zhangjiagang, where every inch of land is expensive, she is a rare and precious villa grown in a rare and precious place, attracting the attention of the world with her own charm. As the unique Jiyang Lake No. 1 in the whole city, the Jiyang Lake Ecological …

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